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The term PBX spawns from the original term PABX, which is an acronym for Private Automatic Branch Exchange. Essentially a PBX is a private telephony switch that resides inside the enterprise and is used for its internal employees to communicate both between themselves and the outside world. The original purpose of a PBX was to allow line pooling within an enterprise in order to grant that enterprise the ability to have more employees than telephone lines - taking advantages of the natural economies of scale that begin to occur as headcount rises.



Over time, the PBX has grown to incorporate all sorts of advanced features such as voicemail, unified messaging, auto attendant (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), call queuing, branch office support, telecommuters, softphones, CTI (integration with the PC), and more. With the advent of IP, the acronym PBX morphed into its latest incarnation, the IP PBX. An IP PBX is a PBX that supports packet-based transport protocols - commonly referred to as "VoIP". The most popular current protocol is SIP, which stands for "Session Initiation Protocol". Then, as the IP PBX began to rise in market share an even new label appeared called the "Hybrid IP PBX". A Hybrid IP PBX is an IP PBX that, along with VoIP, also supports legacy and analog switching protocols such as TDM. A Hybrid IP PBX will typically also support analog phones to complement its support of IP Phones.


Fonality HUD System


Desktop Alerts


When your extension rings, an optional desktop alert displays, informing you of the call and Caller ID. Desktop alerts show the names of people calling your extension for Caller IDs stored in your Outlook contact database. You can also display this alert when making outbound calls.






Outlook Integration


Right-click on a contact or email message to call. Your phone rings and you're connected!



Drag-and-drop Calling

Instantly place a call by selecting a phone number in any file or application and dragging it into HUD.

Easy Dialer

Place a call directly from HUD by typing in the desired phone number and clicking "Call". HUD will call your extension first, then connect you to your outbound call.


Call Transfer to Voicemail (self)

Transfer an incoming call directly to your own voicemail when you are busy with another call.


Call Transfer to Hold

Place calls on hold by transferring them to your on-hold area when you need to take another call.


Color-coded Call Status

HUD color-codes all calls:

  • Green - Inbound/outbound call
  • Orange - Queue call
  • Purple - Intraoffice call
  • Gray - Unregistered

Operator Panel

HUD provides your organization with a full-featured operator panel, including unlimited on-hold and parking areas for every employee and easy tools for managing and transferring calls.



Employees can send instant messages on your own private chat network. This feature is perfect for:

  • companies that have turned off external chat as a time-saver
  • call centers that want to text-whisper to agents while on the phone


Click the email icon to easily send an email to any employee in your company. The email address will be pulled from your company directory.


Click-to-call Mobile Phone

Click the mobile phone icon to instantly call any other employee on their cellular phone. The phone number to be dialed is pulled from your company directory.


Extension Sorting

Need to quickly know which employee is on the phone? HUD sorts your extensions in "continuous" mode, so you can always have your active callers at the top of the list. Perfect for managers who need visibility into employee activity level.


Drag-and-drop Call Transfer

To transfer calls to any extension, voicemail box, on-hold or parking area, simply click and drag the call status area to the desired location.


Call Parking

HUD provides all employees the ability to view which calls are currently parked, tag parked calles with reminder notes, and drag calls between their extension, their on-hold area, and the parking area.




Extension Groups

Organize your display by departmental groups that mimic the way you operate for maximun efficiency. Simply build a group and start dragging extensions into it.


Queue Status**

Managers can see which agents are logged in and out of their queues.


Agent Login/Logout**

Agents can view their own login/logout status and log themselves in and out of their queues. Managers can also log agents in and out with a click of the mouse.


On-the-fly Recording**

HUD provides your employees the ability to record their own calls with the press of a button. Call recordings capture agent name, agent extension, date, time and file size.


Hud also comes with an extensive permission system - so you decide exactly who can record their own calls and who is allowed to record other's calls. HUD is critical for quality control within your Call Center!





Call Barge/Monitor

HUD provides supervisors with the ability to actively listen or passively monitor any inbound or outbound call. HUD also comes with an extensive permission system, so you can grant a specific group the ability to barge/monitor another specific group.














uncher/CRM Integration

HUD can optionally launch a Web browser to a custom URL when your extension rings. Perfect for looking up inbound callers in your favorite Web-based CRM package or even Googling callers for fun!



** Requires PBXtra Call Center Edition


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