DSG IM1200



InterMail IM1200 is a robust and compact voice mail system designed specifically for small-to-medium size enterprises that will dramatically improve your professional communications. Powered by the UMS capability, IM1200 integrates voice and data networks, creating powerful features that are unparalleled by traditional equipments.

With up to 300 sets of customizable script modules, called AA-Menu, it allows construction of dynamic Automated Attendant Systems tailored to your specific application needs.

Integrating with PBX has never been easier. IM1200 provides a simple way to integrate with your PBX, by selecting from the PBX list or following the steps through the user-friendly Setup Wizard.

IM1200 can integrate with your SMTP server, allowing you to receive messages with your E-mail. Truly it brings traditional CTI application to a single, au courant platform, making organizing and accessing your personal communication records simple and allows more time to focus on your business.